Meshel Tucker, designer and owner of FunkyThreads, has been sitting behind a sewing machine since she was 13 years old.  Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Meshel was influenced by her uncle, Willis, who first introduced her to designing clothes via reconstruction.

Willis had an exceptional eye for unique designs, and Meshel showed that same promise at a young age.

Soon Meshel began designing her own clothes.  It wasn’t uncommon for a crowd of people to form outside her door whenever she stepped out for a night on the town.  It didn’t take long for Meshel to start designing for others, but eventually she found her true passion for leather.

From the smell, texture, colors, look and feel, Meshel discovered how to manipulate leather into a unique style of handbags that no one had ever seen done before.

FunkyThreads’ designs are all one of a kind.  No two items will ever be the same.  They can’t be.  Meshel takes a piece of repurposed leather, lays it out and examines at it for hours, sometimes days until the design pops!

All of the materials in each handbag and accessory are made from repurposed materials and hardware.  You can be certain when you wear FunkyThreads, heads will turn.

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